Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Introducing GizmoVoice - A Free Phone Line Using Google & Gizmo5

With Gizmo Voice, anyone can now have a free phone line on their computer, wifi phone, or in their home. This free phone service includes a US telephone number with an area code of your choosing, unlimited incoming calls, sophisticated voice mail (transcription included), and the ability to make limited US calls all for free. There are no setup, monthly or annual fees.

Gizmo Voice is a combination (often referred to as a 'mashup') of Gizmo5 and a new Google service called Google Voice. This service provides a free phone line ideal for your home or small business.

At this time, Gizmo Voice offers no 911 support, however, there are loads of interesting features courtesy of Google and Gizmo5 that you won't find with even the most expensive phone services. Here are a few:

  • No monthly fees, which means hundreds of dollars savings per year
  • With Gizmo Call answer and place your calls from any computer using just a browser
  • Voicemail messages converted to text and sent to your email
  • Incoming calls can ring you at multiple locations simultaneously
  • Eavesdrop on voicemail messages to determine if you want to answer the call
  • Call Skype users right from your handset using OpenSky . Try a test call by dialing: 1-333-666-1111 (Skype's automated echo line)
  • Make calls uing Android, iPhone and other wifi phones and smart phones. See list at SIPhardware.com and SIPsoftware.com

Gizmo Voice is an economical way to enjoy a full featured phone without a long-term contract or a monthly fee. Click here for more info. and to sign up - and don't forget to let us know how it works for you!


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